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Before we enter the new year, here’s a top 10 of the pics on the blog this year. (Ranked in order of most notes)

1. Characters: Batman & Robin Series: DC Comics Photographer: Andrew Browne Cosplayers: Unknown

2. Character: Super Girl Series: DC Comics/ Infinite Crisis MultiUniverse Photographer: Cory Nellon Cosplayer: T. Jakeru Frost

3. Characters: Wonder Woman Series: DC Comics Photographer: Unknown Cosplayers: Unknown

4. Characters: Lumpy Space Princess, Princess Bubblegum, & Marceline Series: Adventure Time Photographer: Andrew Browne Cosplayers:Alica FordeKarissa Harte and Crystal Derrell

5. Characters: Poca-han-solo & Anakin-Rapunzel Series: Star Wars/Pocahontas/Tangled Photographer: Sarah Guichard Cosplayers: Jennifer and Aleu Moana

6. Character: Korra Series: Legend of Korra Photographer: Ken AD Cosplayer: Luigigurl

7. Character: Rule 63! Garterbelt Series: Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Photographer:Teknoman Omega Cosplayer: Professor Rocket

8. Character: Audrey Ramirez Series: Atlantis: Lost Empire Photographer: Jamila Clarke Cosplayer: BlackBettie

9. Character: Inspector Gadget Series: Inspector Gadget Photographer: Ricardo X. Toombs Cosplayer: Unknown

10. Charater Nordic Carved Armor Series: Skyrim Photographer: Fev Studios Cosplayer: Fevereon

(If you have any sources for the unkown cosplayers/photographers please PM me. 

The rank only include pics that were uploaded and submitted to this blog. (No reblogs from other blogs were counted)