1. You are allowed to submit lolita,steampunk, and cosplay pics. There is no submission limit for a person, which means you are allowed to send as many pics as you want. You are even allowed to send in more than 1 pic for a individual costume/lolita/steampunk outfit.HOWEVER, you are only allowed to submit up to 10 pics for each individual costume/lolita/steampunk outfit.

2. Please only send in pics that allows me to get a good view of your costume/outfit. That means no small pics, no blurring pics, no using that tool in photoshop that makes you look like you’re in the middle of a fog in silent hill. I don’t care where you take your photo be it in your bathroom or Mt. Rushmore. I just need to be able to see it clearly.

3. Pics that contain anything offensive (racism, sexism, etc) will not be accepted.

4. When submitting in a cosplay, PLEASE GIVE ME THE NAME AND THE SERIES the cosplay is from.

Cosplay submissions without the series or characters name will be deleted without giving any warning to the submitter.

5. If you have a picture of a black cosplayer,lolita, or steampunker you would like to submit to the blog, you are free to do so. If you know the cosplay profile or blog of the person in the picture,please give it to me so I can credit the person.

6. When sending in a lolita pic make sure your outfit follows the proper anatomy of lolita

Anatomy of a Lolita Outfit

Head - Bonnet, mini top hat, fascinator, bow(s) or a headdress (a flat strip of fabric decorated with lace, flowers and the like, with ribbons that tie under the chin).

Torso - Blouse or cutsew (a blouse made out of jersey or t-shirt fabric for a more relaxed style), perhaps a cardigan.

Body - Full dress with sleeves or a jumperskirt (also known as a JSK, a dress with thick straps instead of sleeves) with a blouse underneath.

Underthings - A petticoat known as a pannier is generally worn to give the skirt more ‘poof’.

Panniers are preferable to traditional line-dancing petticoats as the latter are generally cut with an A-Line shape. Panniers are cut in a tulip shape to give the skirt a ‘cupcake’ silhouette. Bloomers, either short, mid thigh, or knee-lengeth, are a must for a Lolita.

Legs - Stockings, tights or knee-length/over-the-knee socks are worn. Sometimes girls opt for ankle socks with lacy trims on a hot day.

Shoes - Are generally of a mary-jane style shape. Sometimes they are flat, but often have a small heel. Platforms, rocking-horse shoes, calf or knee-length boots are also worn.

It is possible to pull off a Lolita look without one or perhaps two of these elements. For instance, on a hot day one might opt to leave out the blouse and socks, but this confuses the look. Choose then to leave out another element, like the headdress, and your look is no longer Lolita at all!

7. Photo must be IN the submission box. Do not send me a link to where the photo is. The only exception for this rule is reblogs. Anything else will cause your submission to be deleted without warning.


It kind of defeats the purpose of this blog

These are the rules for now