Here we are, going far, to save all that we love
If we give all we’ve got we will make it through
Here we are, like a star, shining bright on your world
Make evil go away!

can i tell you guys how old this cosplay is? this cosplay is OLD. the last time we did this costume, we were graduating from high school. now, we’re graduating from COLLEGE. time flies when you cosplay with friends, ;A;

myself as Aelita, Phoenix Fire Cosplay as Yumi 

shot and edited by the patient OhHeyIt’sSK (srsly, he’s so patient, we were like five year olds. my ears fell off, i accidentally spit in my yumi’s face bcu she made me laugh, and then once I started we BOTH couldn’t stop laughing ;A; but he still kept trucking and got these amazing shots~)

more of my cosplay (and also pics from FOUR years ago!) can be found HERE